BAR beer

A beer made in-house to promote the advertising agency BAR (

Miguel Cunhal identity

The wOw feeling and the unique expression marks the moment when you see, feel, and understand that an image is worth more than a thousand words.
That’s what inspired me to explore that reaction and use it to create this logo.

Before Going Up

An unique book made to the person who believes that life is more than just living.

Secil App


A view



It’s an economic magazine that’s presented in a different way In its design and format. It’s made to engage another target or audience, an young and innovative one, the people that drive.

“Get Your FIX”

Vieira da Silva em Festa

A craft and digital work made for Vieira da Silva Museum.


Barcelona Lovers

A photographic & design project that started in Barcelona with the aim of showing another view of the cities.

Maquinas Mag

A magazine designed & created to reach all kind of people. It's not a simple cars and motos mag, specially because of it's peculiar design.